Saturday, July 20, 2013

good news.

We received great news at my last appointment on the 18th. My uterine lining was nice and fluffy at 13mm, thicker than it has to be, and 1mm thinner that before the last transfer. Ali and I were both so very relieved that the medications worked. It definitely made it all worth it.

I started the progesterone injections Thursday afternoon. So far, they are going well. Both hips are sore, but I'm hardly in any pain at all, compared to last time around. I also started the progesterone lozenges Thursday. I'm still using the viagra suppositories until tomorrow night. I will be adding antibiotics and steroids to my medication regiment tomorrow.

The embryo transfer is scheduled for Monday, July 22nd at 1:30pm. They will be placing two embryos. Both embryos are graded out "perfect" according to Dr. Nemiro. Ali and I will leave tomorrow to head back to Phoenix. We are planning to stay there until Thursday. My kiddos are staying at my mom's house for the week. I miss them already, but they are having a blast swimming the days away!

Prayers are appreciated for the procedure to go well and for these perfect embryos to attach and grow!

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