Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 weeks.

Holy Cow!

How have 30 weeks already passed. This pregnancy is FLYING by! Considering we've known I was pregnant since long before you would typically know, I assumed the pregnancy would drag on forever. I've truly been blessed with a great pregnancy. I didn't feel great at the beginning, but once I was able to stop taking all the hormones, things turned around.

The entire second trimester was great. I had a decent amount of energy. I wasn't sick at all. As a whole, I felt great. The baby is growing perfectly, and everything is great. Then, I hit the third trimester. It was a rocky start. I started having dizzy spells and almost passed out at work one morning.

After 4 days of continued light-headedness and dizzy spells, I finally went in to the hospital to get checked out. Oliver, that's what Ali and Brian have decided to name him in case you didn't know, was moving around as he should be. His heart rate was steady and my vitals were fine. They drew blood and I'm pretty anemic. Anemia is common for me, but my hemoglobin has gone down by about 2 grams since becoming pregnant. So, the anemia is most likely the cause of my continued foggy/light-headed feelings. They also believe I'm having post-prandial hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar after meals. I'm not 100% sure this is what's happening, but I have seen some improvement since adjusting my eating habits a bit. I really just had to cut out juice in the morning and make sure I'm eating small, frequent meals. One bonus of working at a hospital is my many connections. I have a dietician that I've been able to talk to frequently about what would be best for me, and the diabetic educator gave me a glucometer so I can check my blood sugar when I'm not feeling well.

I continue to feel light-headed, but I honestly can't really complain. I'm not in pain. I am able to take care of my kids, play with them, keep the house picked up, and work without too much difficulty. I'm not going to lie, I'm tired, but that is to be expected at this point. Thankfully, Ali helps out a lot by picking the kids up from school sometimes, helping me with bath time, and giving me a break whenever she can.

Oliver is incredibly active. I know we tend to forget a lot about our pregnancies, but I honestly can't remember my kids being this active in the womb! I remember worrying if they were moving often enough or not. With Oliver, I definitely don't have that problem. This little guy is on the move ALL the time. My kids love seeing my belly move. They especially love stacking things on my belly and waiting for him to kick them off or at least make them move around. They love snuggling up to the belly so he can kick them too! As he gets bigger, he's also getting stronger. Some of his kicks, punches, movements can really hurt. But, it is fun, and at least I know he's a healthy, growing boy!

10 more weeks, maybe less, and Ali and Brian will finally be able to hold onto their little man!