Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 days....

That's right, 5. It should be 1 day, but instead it is now 5.

Last Friday, Ali and I made the drive out to Arizona for another ultrasound to check my uterine lining. At this point in the cycle, they want to see it at 8-10mm. Mine was only 7-8mm. Not good. We want these embryos to have the best environment possible for them to attach to, so the transfer had to be pushed back. Unfortunately, this meant many changes.

First of all, I was started on a new medication to help boost my lining. It is fabulous not fun. It is Viagra. Yep, that's right, Viagra. You want to know the best part, I don't just get to pop another pill, they are suppositories...vaginal suppositories! Yay! Please note the heavy sarcasm. Plus, I get to use them 4 times a day! Double yay! Despite how much I'm disliking this medication, research shows that within 24-48 hours of starting Viagra suppositories, a notable change is seen in the uterine lining. So, whatever works will be worth it.

Second change, more lab draws. The transfer was initially scheduled for July 22nd, then we realized that the FDA required labs expired on July 19th, so they bumped it all up a few days. Yesterday, I got the pleasure of donating more blood to Quest labs. I believe they took 6 large vials. At least they only had to stick me once this time!

Third change, planning for an additional 1 day trip to Arizona for a follow up ultrasound on the 18th, and rearranging all of our childcare plans for the week of the transfer. Thankfully, my mom's job is super flexible, so she was easily able to take off the days I need her. We are still working on figuring out someone to watch the kids Thursday morning, but I know it will all workout.

While we were out there last Friday, it was incredibly stressful finding out about all these changes at the very last minute. Prior to the appointment, I had exactly the amount of Lupron I needed to get me to the transfer date. Pushing it back meant I needed more, and I needed it immediately. Since it is a compounded medication, it isn't available immediately, it takes 24-48 hours for the pharmacy to make it. Thankfully, the clinic had a spare bottle with just enough to get us through to the new transfer date. Then, there was the Viagra suppositories. This too is a compounded medication that is rarely used. Neither of the pharmacies that the clinic works with had any in stock and I needed to start that one by Saturday. Get this, we found out no one had them at 5:15 on a Friday, after the clinic closed and 15 minutes before all the pharmacies closed. Ali had to leave me at the pharmacy while she drove back to the clinic to get help. Thankfully, the clinic was able to find a compounding pharmacy in Beverly Hills that had the medication on hand and was willing to ship it out right then. By the grace of God, it arrived on Ali's doorstep by 9am the next morning...the earliest the other pharmacies would be able to get it to us would have been today!!

Each little setback seems so frustrating sometimes. However, each time something comes up, doors open up all around us and we are able to move forward. Thursday will be an important day. Prayers for a nice full, fluffy uterine lining are greatly appreciated!


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  1. Wow. All I can is God really wants you all "all in" trusting Him. The enemy is saying, they won't stay with this plan if I complicate it, change the plan, etc. But, no devil--you aren't gonna win this won! Victory! Praying in Coeur d'Alene!