Wednesday, November 28, 2012

holy cow. it's really happening.

We have a date! How did this happen? I'd be lying if I said there was never a doubt in my mind that we'd get to the point. There have been many times where I thought that it just wasn't going to happen. Well, by the grace if God, it is. By this time next week, I will be pregnant. It is time for sticky prayers people!

My appointment today went perfect. They want my lining at 11mm or more, and it was at 14mm. Lisa, one of Dr. Nemiro's nurses, said everything looks perfect!

Tomorrow, I do my last lupron injection. Friday, I start progesterone injections, twice a day. These are the shots that will hurt. 2 ml of oil, into my butt, twice a day. I'm scared! I'm sure that once I do it, it won't be that bad. But right now, the fear of the unknown is killing me.

Monday, I will add Medrol to my regiment of pills. It is a steroid that helps prevent my body from attacking the embryos. Monday evening, Ali and I will head back to Arizona.

Tuesday at 1pm, we will go to the clinic. The procedure itself will happen at 1:30pm. As of right now, it looks as though Brian will not be there, so they will video tape it for him. We will stay in Phoenix until Wednesday afternoon.

On the 13th, I will have a serum HCG level drawn. The clinic will tell us as soon as they know anything. If it all works out, we will go to Arizona in a few weeks for an ultrasound to see how many babies took!!

I am so excited right now. I was shaking when we went over all the paperwork and arranged for the appointment. Please, keep us in your prayers. Pray that the babies stick and Brian and Ali will finally have the family they've wanted!

Friday, November 23, 2012

another busy week.

I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday and have time off to spend with your family!

Next week is another busy one, actually, the next two weeks are going to be busy. I will be flying out to Phoenix Tuesday morning. I have an appointment Wednesday morning in which they will do an ultrasound to check my uterine lining. This time, they want the lining to be nice and thick. I will fly back home that evening.

The next week, we will be heading out to Phoenix again. This time, it will be for the most important appointment of all!

I can't believe this is really happening. It is almost time. It's amazing to think that in less than 2 weeks, 2 little embryos will be inside of me!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

my busy week.

Last week was just a bit crazy, but it was so worth it. My flight to Seattle went well and Brian's aunt Rebecca was incredibly accomadating. I love her condo in Edmonds. The town is adorable and she was right in middle of it. The weather was cold, but nice when I got there. First thing in the morning, we headed out to my pre-op appointment. I finally met Brian's aunt Debi who would be doing the procedure. We went over my history and she gave me instructions for the procedure and we were off to the pharmacy. The first place they sent me didn't accept my insurance, so we had to figure out a new place, but I was able to get all my pre-proceudure medications for about $6. After getting my medications, we went to Brian's grandma's apartment. She was so sweet and I'm so glad I got to meet her. I was able to see pictures of Brian...with hair! Who knew he ever had any!?

Shortly after returning to Rebecca's place, my friend Sam arrived. I was SO happy to get to spend time with her and to have someone "familiar" around during this stressful time. We walked around the town, she had lunch while I drank my clear liquids and envied her super delicious smelling panini. Then, the time came, and I had to start my medications. Valium and Vicodin together make for a great time. When it was finally time to head back to the clinic, I was feeling good! They got me in right away, and Sam waited for me in the waiting room, while Rebecca returned to her home. The procedure itself was quick and painless. I got to see the inside of my uterus which was pretty awesome, in my opinion. Sure enough, there was a little chunk of fluffy white stuff, my polyp. She was able to remove it all and it was SO tiny. I can't believe such a small thing can cause such a big problem. I felt great afterwards. No pain, nothing. Sam and I went out to dinner and even enjoyed some wine and cookies while watching Love Actually that night, but we also went to be at about 8:30. :)

The next morning, we got up, got ready, and Sam drove me to the airport. I left the cold weather in Seattle and headed to Phoenix. Funny thing is, it barely rained in Seattle, but it was raining in Phoenix! Ali picked me up, we checked into the hotel, enjoyed dinner at Red Robin, and then enjoyed a quiet evening in the hotel. Our appointment the next morning was pretty laid back, and super exciting. I had an ultrasound which showed my ovaries are "quiet" which is what they want. My lining was also nice and thin, as expected. We signed the final paperwork for the transfer at the appointment as well. We had to agree on two embryos, the risks or multiples, etc. It was rather exciting, and he almost accidentally revealed the sex of the embryos! He was very surprised that neither of us want to know! (Secretly, it'd be great to know, but I know it's better to just wait!) I just love him though. He is so calm, talks to you like a normal person, and makes everything SO comfortable.

On Monday, we added medications to my daily regiment. I'm now on Lupron, Aspirin, Prenatal Vitamins, Calcium +Vitamin D, Estrace and CoQ10.  The aspirin is to help prevent my platelets from attaching to the embryos once we transfer. The Estrace is to make my uterine lining grow, so that it will be a nice, happy place for the embryos to implant. My next appointment is on the 28th of November. I will fly out on my own for that. It will be a quick appointment, ultrasound to make sure my lining is nice and thick, and instructions on how to inject the Progesterone that I will be starting on the 30th! After that, just a few more days and we will finally complete the process.

It is so amazing to me that this is all finally coming to fruition. There have been times where it seemed like things weren't going to work out, but they definitely are now. In less then a month, God willing, I will be carrying two healthy babies for Ali and Brian!