Tuesday, January 8, 2013

moving forward.

This update is long, long overdue. As I'm sure most of you already know, the second pregnancy test came back negative. It was expected, and much easier to accept that time around. About a week after we received the results, I got a phone call from Ali asking if I'd be willing to try again. Of course, I said yes. The second rounding is pending, it all depends upon finances. The first round cost close to $40K and the second will be a little cheaper, but still very, very expensive.

The first thing that was decided was to try to get as much covered by their insurance as possible. When a medication that is needed for egg retrieval was approved, we were so excited and filled with hope. This provided the needed encouragement to push for move coverage. If they will cover the medication, you would expect that they'll cover the procedure as well, right?

Tomorrow, we should find out. We are praying that they will be kind and cover this for Ali and Brian, it will save them SO much money and would make such a huge difference in the possibility of the second round happening. Prayers are much appreciated that we will get the news we want!


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  1. Keep us updated, Caryn! Praying for good news for them!