Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The 18th was a big day for me as far as the surrogacy goes. I had not one, but two appointments that day to discuss the pregnancy. For some reason, I was SO nervous about both of them. Now, I'm so happy they are both completed.

My first appointment was at the good ol' Naval Hospital here on base to discuss ordering some tests needed for the surrogacy. I love my new (since May) doctor, and was hopeful that she would still be supportive of the surrogacy. Thankfully, she was. She remembered seeing me in May and discussing the surrogacy then, and as soon as I told her I had blood work I needed ordered, she got on the computer and started putting them in. She even went as far as to call the fertility clinic herself to clarify one of the orders. She also looked over my prescriptions an did her best to get them filled. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get the Lupron for me, but at least she tried. She even put in a call to the head pharmacist to see if he could order it. Since IVF is not done at the Naval Hospital, they said they could not order it.


My second appointment was with the IVF coordinator from the clinic. Since the clinic is in Arizona, we had a phone consult. It was great to finally talk to her myself, after playing phone tag, exchanging a few emails and using Ali as a go-between a few times. I finally have an actual understanding of all the procedures that have to be done prior to the embryo transfer, the medications, the transfer and the follow up care. Knowing everything and having somewhat of a "timeline" makes everything so much more exciting and real.

Stay tuned for scary fun information on medications and tests!

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