Tuesday, June 26, 2012


How much stuff does it take for 4 people to go camping for 3 nights? Way too much, that's how much. It is insane how many things you have to take with you when traveling with children. Our car is packed and we are evening strapping things to the roof rack this time around. Here's to hoping we don't lose our tent on the 15. The kids and I are SO excited about this camping trip. I can't wait to get up to the mountains, one place I always feel at home. By the end of the week we are going to be filthy and exhausted, but I'm sure we'll have a great time. 

As for the surrogacy, Ali has a tentative timeline for egg retrieval, sometime in September! So exciting. They are going to retrieve early, fertilize, and freeze all the eggs until Ali and Brian are officially ready to transfer later this year. This will make the timing of the transfer much easier. Instead of having to sync mine and Ali's "schedules" to ensure that she is ovulating, and I'm ready to accept eggs at about the same time, they will take eggs when her body is ready and then transfer when mine is!

In my last update, I completely forgot to update everyone on the status of my moles. I went to the dermatologist back in May and had a "punch" biopsy done on the "ugly duckling" of all my moles. A week later, it came back "severely atypical." So basically, it was non-cancerous {yay} but could turn to melanoma over time. They scheduled me for another appointment two weeks later to have an excision of the mole done. At that appointment, they removed a large, football shaped area of skin from around the site of the mole they had biopsied. They take a pretty big amount in order to ensure they get all the margins of the mole. I got stitches and orders not to lift the kids or anything else that was heavy for 2 weeks. The kids were great about checking on my booboo, and making sure I didn't do anything that the doctor said I wasn't allowed to. I was in a decent amount of pain for a few days, but the site is healing well. She said I will have a "not-so-pretty" scar there, but at least I don't have cancer. At that time, they also biopsied one of the other moles, which came back completely benign. I am so glad I finally got the moles looked at. I will now be followed by dermatology every 3 to 6 months to keep an eye on the other moles. Here is a picture with some helpful hints for checking your own moles:

We had another yard sale on Saturday and raised a little over $300 this time around. I'm so impressed with how the yard sales have been doing. They aren't bringing in a ton of money, but considering how cheap we are selling everything, they are doing great. Every penny counts, so either way, we are happy. If you want to help out, but don't have your own money to donate, see if you can get a few friends, neighbors and family members together for a yard sale and donate the proceeds. You can clean out your house while supporting a great cause!

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