Thursday, June 21, 2012

a much needed update.

Wow! I had no idea it had been so long since I last blogged. For the longest time, I didn't want to bump the giveaway, so I just avoided the blog all together. Now that it is long over, it is time to catch up...

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone SO much for all of your support during the awesome blog giveaway. I still cannot believe we raised almost $1100!! To all the handmade businesses that donated, thank you, thank you, thank you! Without you, we wouldn't have been able to raise nearly as much money. To all who entered the giveaway, thank you, thank you, thank you! If it weren't for all of your love and support, this entire surrogacy would not be possible. I'm so excited for all the winners, and I hope you all are enjoying your amazing prizes!

I also want to note that we had a fundraising yard sale last month, and earned over $400 in one day!! Almost all the items we sold were donated from friends and random military wives. I am still amazed at how well we did considering we didn't have a single piece of furniture to sell, and only a few things there for over $10! We are giving it a try again this weekend and hopeful that we will be successful again.

As for me, I'm working hard on becoming more physically fit, hoping for a healthy pregnancy! About 3 weeks ago I started running. I absolutely love hate running. I always have, and I probably always will. However, over the course of these 3 weeks, I have realized that despite how much I can't stand doing it, it really makes me feel good. I definitely do not plan on becoming a marathon runner, or anything near that, but for now, I'm enjoying zoning out on some good music while I leave all my frustrations from the day on the pavement. I even started running with my husband...something I swore I would never do. He does a great job of silently motivating me to push myself. I actually enjoy my runs with him much more than my solo runs now. The kids are enjoying it as well. Ethan is my little motivator and always tells me what a great job I'm doing and how fast I'm going. Olyvia keeps me in check...every time I start to walk for a bit, she is quick to remind me that "we" are supposed to be exercising, not walking! Must be nice to "exercise" in the comfort of a stroller while eating a snack! I'm proud to announce that I just bought the a pair of shorts that are by far smaller than any other thing I've ever bought in my adult life. My guess is that if I were to put on my wedding dress right now, it'd be too big! This makes me happy and gives me hope that I'll be able to sustain an exercise regiment throughout the pregnancy to keep myself from gaining any unnecessary weight.

These pictures are definitely just for fun...this one is something I strongly believe in and I find myself telling myself this all the time throughout the run:

This one is just so stinking funny, I can't help but share it! You can believe that you will never see a picture of me definitely isn't cute!

The kids and I also enjoyed a wonderful visit from my friend Sam over at To Paris or Bust. She is currently a gestational surrogate, carrying twins. We met through an online pregnancy group when I was pregnant with Olyvia and she was pregnant with her son Peyton. It was the first time we actually "met" and it was so much fun. We went to Sea World one day and just spent lots of time hanging out. It was great to be able to connect with another surrogate and hear her side of things first hand. The kids had a blast and Olyvia loved that she had 2 babies in her belly. She always wanted to know which one was the boy and which one was the girl. She even said that all the girls, meaning Sam, her and the baby girl should sleep in her room one night; while all the boys, meaning Ethan, Peyton and the baby boy should sleep in Ethan's room! It was interesting trying to explain to her why the babies can't come out to sleep in separate rooms!!

The kids have somehow figured out that Ali was going to have a baby. They must have overheard phone conversations, because neither of us had ever actually told them anything. So, now they are full of questions. Olyvia asks me often if Ali's baby is in my belly yet, and also likes to remind me that she does not want a baby to live in our house. She also told Ali one day that once she has her own baby, she won't need to have them at her house anymore. I suppose she must think I loan her and her brother out to Ali to keep her company! I love hearing what that girl thinks!!

Since summer is now in full swing, our family is about to embark on our first ever tent-camping trip. We will be spending 4 days next week in Big Bear and I couldn't be more scared excited! Hopefully I don't go crazy while we are there. In all honestly though, I'm giddy with excitement. I can't wait to attempt (and probably fail) to cook an awesome dinner on the fire, followed by s'mores and stories by the camp fire before bed. The kids are anxious to play in the dirt and "climb mountains." We are also hoping to fit in some fishing while we are there.

As far as the surrogacy goes, I'm not quite sure where we stand at the moment. I know Ali has been busy with doctor's appointments...getting approved by her GI doc (yay!) and skyping with the fertility clinic in Arizona that they have chosen. I believe she has somewhat of a schedule now, and I will be updated on that tomorrow! I'm so excited to get this thing going!!!


  1. Love this! So excited for all of it. And yes, so crazy thankful to all of our sponsors & everyone who donated! Hope you have fun camping!!

  2. I hope that I can find some of your motivation to start running once I have the babies! So exciting to finally fit in "skinny" shorts isn't it? :) The visit was the highlight of this year, and Peyton continuously talks about going back to see you! XOXO