Friday, May 11, 2012

Stone Family Surrogacy Fundraiser Giveaway #2

As most of you know, my sister (Caryn) and her friends Ali & Brian are in the beginning stages of going through the Surrogacy process. Caryn is documenting her journey as the surrogate over on her blog,  my pod. their pea and Ali is documenting her journey as the intended mama over at her blog, Path to Our Miracle

Ali's husband Brian is a Marine and their insurance (Tricare) does NOT pay for ANY fertility treatments at all. This means that Ali & Brian will have to spend anywhere from $25,000 to $32,000 in order to achieve their life goal of having a child. Obviously, that's not a small amount of money and so Caryn & I have put together this fundraiser in hopes that we can take some of that financial burden off of Ali & Brians shoulders.We are so appreciative to all of the ladies who donated prizes out of the kindness of their hearts. Every. Single. Pneyy goes to Ali & Brian for their surrogacy fund! 
Here is where you can help! There are 3 separate giveaways and they're all posted here, and at Caryn & Ali's blogs. 
You can enter one of them, or all of them. The more you donate, the better your chances.. and you'll be helping Ali & Brian get a little bit closer to their goal! 

There will be 1 winner of each giveaway, which means 3 people will be awarded a prize pack worth approximately $200!!! 

Giveaway #2
Penelope Lane

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