Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Anyone who has a doctor in their family knows how convenient that can be at times. My uncle is a pediatrician. My mom had him for a resource while my sister and I were little, and now my sister and I utilize his expertise as well.

Luckily, Ali and Brian also have a doctor in the family, and she just so happens to be an obstetrician. That's right, an OB. Lucky for all of us, she has the capability of completing the procedure I need done (polyp removal). Super lucky for Ali and Brian, she's not charging them for the procedure! How awesome is that. The only fees will be to the lab for pathology!

So, next week, I fly to Seattle to have my polyp removed! I'm nervous about flying alone...I hate flying. One of Brian's other aunts, Rebecca, will pick me up, take me to my appointment, take me back to her house for the night, and take me back to the airport on Thursday.

I'm excited that my friend Sam will be driving up from Portland to be with me for the procedure and to hang out with me afterwards. I've never had any type of anesthesia before, so I'm slightly nervous about how I will react to it. I have had patients come back from minor procedures with some pretty crazy responses to the sedation. Sam will be my person. Someone familiar to help keep me sane if I lose it!

Ali will stay with my kids while I'm away. It will be a long week for her as I will be working the three days prior to my trip. I'm definitely going to be missing the kids. This will be one of the longest periods of time I've been away from them since they'll stay with her from Sunday on. I'm hoping Carlos can get some time off so he can spend some time with them.

Thanks to hurricane Sandy, plane tickets have gone up in price significantly...if anyone has any spare miles they'd like to donate, please let me or Ali know ASAP. Plane tickets will be purchased in the next day or two.


We found out late this afternoon that out original timeline for the transfer will not be changed at all!! Such great news, but it also makes for an even busier week next week. From Seattle, I will fly to Phoenix. Ali will meet me out there for our Pre-Art (no idea what that means) appointment and then we will drive home together! It's going to be a long week, but it will be great!


  1. So glad that I can be your person. :) I am excited to see you and so happy that things are finally moving along for you and Ali. Soon enough you'll be pregnant and a new baby or babies will be growing for Ali and Brian to love forever. Such a great gift you are giving them!

  2. Busy week ahead for you. I know it'll be tough being away from the kids and Carlos. Don't worry, we'll all be there taking care of them! I know Carlos is looking forward to his Mother-in-law visiting him! HaHa! Only one more month and it'll all be worthwhile!