Friday, October 5, 2012

it's almost time.

I can't believe the time has just about come for all of this to really happen.'s really happening! I feel like a kid before Christmas, but instead of waiting for Santa Clause to come, I'm waiting for Aunt Flow to show up!

It's not every month you sit around waiting for your cycle to start. In fact, most months I wish it would just not come at all, but this month is definitely different. Once I start, I have to call the fertility clinic. At that point, I'll be given my start date for my Lupron. From what I've read, the Lupron shuts down the pituitary gland and therefor reduces estrogen production, causing a rapid onset of menopause. That's right menopause. Bring on the hot flashes, bloating and all the other awesome symptoms of menopause. Watch out co-workers! I just might be a little cranky. My poor husband. Lucky for him, his friend just moved in across the street. My sources tell me he'll be spending some extra A LOT of time over. As long as he takes the kids, it's fine with me.

The Lupron will also be the first medication that I have to self inject. I only have to take it once a day, and it is a small, sub-cutaneous injection in my belly. I give this kind of shots to patients multiple times a day; the syringe is exactly the same as an insulin syringe. I'm hoping that when it comes to self-injecting, it will be just as easy as it is at work.

My Lupron Kits

Keep an eye out for an update in the next few days! I'll be sure to let everyone know once I start my inections!

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