Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Wow...it has been a while! But, I'm back and hoping to keep things up-to-date a bit more. In all honesty, nothing much has happened since my last post. The fundraiser/auction was a huge success and brought in right around $1,000. Ali is planning another fundraiser, featuring gift baskets, for late October...just in time for holiday shopping! If you are interested in donating items, gift certificates, or just plain old money, please contact me or Ali! Every penny counts right now and all donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated!

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Since all the financing hasn't come through as well as expected, the timeline got pushed back a little bit. Initially, the plan was for November/December time frame. Then, things changed a bit and we hoped to do it in September. Now, because of funding, we are looking at November/December again. Ali starts her medications this week! She had her first real appointment at the clinic last Friday. She has an official calendar stating when everything will happen. If all goes well, they should retrieve her eggs the last week of this month! That is so exciting. After they retrieve her eggs, they will fertilize them with Brian's little swimmers, let them grow a few days, and then send them off to the lab to for chromosome testing. The chromosome testing insures that they implant the strongest, most likely to survive, embryos. Then, the eggs are frozen and wait to be implanted, in me!

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As for me, I will start medications next month. Lupron will be the first medication I have to start. It is a subcutaneous injection in my belly. I will start that between day 1 and 4 of my next cycle. The point of Lupron is to basically put me in to menopause. It will stop my body from producing eggs. Along with that, I will experience the lovely side effects of menopause, hot flashes, bloating, etc. After about a week on the medication, I will make a trip out to Arizona for an ultrasound and all sorts of other things. Three weeks later, I will go back to Arizona for another ultrasound to check my ovaries and my uterine lining to insure that the dose I'm on is appropriate.

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If everything looks okay at that point, I will start Estrace, COQ10 and Baby Aspirin. Sixteen days later, I will have another ultrasound to make sure my uterine lining is nice and thick. At that point, if everything is progressing as it should, and my uterus is in prime condition, we will set a date for transfer and to start the scary progesterone injections! Coworkers who are reading this, I just may hit you up to inject my but...I'm just not sure I can do it to myself!

Uterine Lining

It is all so real now. I will be getting my medications in the next few weeks and will find out when I need to go to Arizona for testing soon as well. I can't wait!


  1. Bet you can get Carlos to inject you! I think he'd enjoy it! lol

  2. Caryn, I love that you can explain it so well. I'm sorry about the whole menopause thing. (cold chill up my spine) You may need to send the kids to Ali a little more often during that time. :/ Does Carlos like to fish? (Maybe he can start) ;D So, will that be for 1 month? Am I understanding that correctly?